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Sole proprietorship

Getting a DBA is not hard. Question is, is a sole proprietorship the right structure for your business. Here are a few things to consider:

What is a Sole Proprietor 

A sole proprietor is an individual who owns and operates a business, assuming full responsibility for its finances, liabilities, and operations.


Simplified Taxes and Reporting

Sole proprietors typically report business income and expenses on their personal tax return, making the accounting and tax reporting process simpler compared to other business structures.

No Liability Protection

Unlike other forms of corporation, a sole proprietor assumes all responsibility for the business. 

100% Liability

The owner of a sole proprietorship has unlimited personal liability for the business’s debts and obligations. This means their personal assets are at risk in case of any business-related legal issues or financial troubles.

Full Control and Decision-Making

As the sole owner, the proprietor has complete control over all business decisions and operations.


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