Business structures

Choose Your Type

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C Corporations

This is the most classic form of incorporating.

And a great choice if you’re looking to divvy out unlimited shares and/or take on unlimited amounts of shareholders. If you’re looking to scale your business, this may be your best option.

S Corporation

Prefered by small businesses (small in size not revenue).

S-Corporations are great for small businesses as they allow for pass-through taxes. They offer asset protection the same as C-Corps.


Most popular form of corporation for its flexibility.
Choosing to structure your business as Limited Liability Company is a great choice for many reasons: LLCs function similarly to Corporations and offer nearly the same amount of asset protection. This structure is very popular.

Non Profits

Non Profits provide opportunities other corps don’t have access to.

An organization established for charitable, educational, or humanitarian purposes, which operates without the intention of generating profit for its members or owners.