Get Your DBA

A DBA is a business name (stands for ‘doing business as’) and, basically, in a nutshell (also outside of a nutshell) you need one to do business in California. Legally. So. Get one. 🙂


We’ll file the necessary paperwork with the county, cover the registration fee(s), and publish your newly-minted business name in the newspaper, which completes the process. And then you can:

Start doing business using your new name.

Start a bank account with your name

Start your new life as a business owner.


Let us do the work for you.

You have better things to do: perfecting your product or service. Your business is going to make the world a better place. Remember that. Also remember:


DBAs are legally required to do business.


You’ll be legit.


You’ll be able to make signs and business cards.


It’s your time to take your place in the world.

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A note from the CEO,

We love seeing people start businesses. Whether you’re starting your new side hustle or continuing your main gig with a new name, I just wanted to pop in here and say, Congratulations and Good Job.

It takes guts (also known as courage) to take the leap and start your own thing.

Most people don’t do it.

But you’re not most people. So be encouraged. Because most people don’t make it this far. And we just wanted to encourage you by saying, Keep going. You can have your dreams.

Allen Diaz

CEO, CorpNation

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