Business Structures

Choose Your Business Structure

get your c corporation
This is the most classic form of incorporating and a great choice if you’re looking to divvy out unlimited shares and/or take on unlimited amounts of shareholders. If you’re looking to scale your business, this may be your best option.
s corporation
S-Corporations are great for small businesses as they allow for pass-through taxes. They offer asset protection the same as C-Corps.
get your llc
LLC – Limited Liability Company
Choosing to structure your business as Limited Liability Company is a great choice for many reasons: LLCs function similarly to Corporations and offer nearly the same amount of asset protection. This structure is very popular.

Sole Proprietorship.

If you don’t want to incorporate your business, but you simply need a DBA, we can help with that too.

Answers to Your Questions

What business type should I choose?

It depends on your type of business and your plans, as every type of structure comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Why incorporate?

At the top of the list: asset protection. With a corporate veil, you shield your personal assets and keep business assets strictly within the business. Beyond that, your business becomes perpetual and you can transfer ownership. You can raise capital through investors. And you can save money on taxes, as the corporate tax rate is lower than the individual tax rate.

How long does it take?

Not long. A few weeks usually.

Difference between a C-Corp and an S-Corp?

The main difference is C-Corps are double-taxed. It pays taxes on it’s net profit and its shareholders pay taxes on the income they receive. As well, S-Corps can only have up to one-hundred members. Whereas C-Corps can have unlimited members

Should you choose an LLC or a Corporation?

LLCs can take on investor members but they can’t sell shares of stock. Corporations can sell shares of their businesses.